Your Dinarak® E-Wallet

With Dinarak, you can be in complete control
of your finances... just by using your mobile phone.

There's no need for a bank account - simply top up
your e-wallet by depositing cash at our agents' locations,
and you can instantly send or spend your money.


A DINARAK account isn’t just for larger payments, like utility bills or school fees.
The unique low cost of mobile money transactions means that even payments
of less than one Dinar are practical – unlike credit and bank cards,
where high minimum fees make it costly for your small expenses.

So with DINARAK, more of your money stays in your account.
  • Easy to Register, Activate and Use

  • Simple Technology

  • Safe and Secure

  • Low Cost Fees

  • 24 Hour Support

  • Instant Transactions

Setting up a Dinarak account is quick and simple:

How to open your e-Wallet

Register your account with a Dinarak agent1

Register your account with a Dinarak agent

Receive confirmation2

Receive confirmation

Make your first deposit3

Make your first deposit

Spend & send your money, your way…4

Spend & send your money, your way…