Information for Investors


Dinarak is committed to creating value for shareholders, through a five-year plan that will build a sustainable and highly profitable company.

We aim to be the largest service provider in Jordan for the unbanked, to capture 50% of the Jordan market within 3 years of launching operations, and we have assembled an excellent executive team to deliver this vision.

Why Dinarak?

Early To Market

One of the first licensed service providers connecting to JoMoPay

Ready Made Solutions

Quick & seamless roll-out to customers

Robust, Secure Technology

Our technology partner is the leading provider in the MENA region (PregressSoft)

Key Strategic Partnerships

Technology, telecoms and banks / financial institutions

Made In Jordan

Our platform is 100% built in Jordan by Jordanian expertise


• Achieving profit in year 2 of operations (2017) - with free cash flow that year approx. $500,000.

• Total Equity Value in present value based on 5 years projections only is over $40 million, based on Jordan market transactions only and being very conservative in advertisement revenues and international remittances.

•The above valuation was based on 250 thousands users by the end of the fifth year of operation (for comparison, Kuwait activated its mobile payment service beginning of 2015, and has 250 thousand active accounts in six months only)

•Class B Dividends beginning in Year 3 forecast at 47% return, rising to 144% by year 2020.


The Dinarak board provides oversight and direction for Dinarak on behalf of its shareholders, and is accountable for all aspects of Dinarak business.

Clear roles and responsibilities, aligned to skills and processes, are essential for any system of good governance, and the Dinarak board operates five committees that focus on activities promoting shareholders' interests:

• Nomination and Remuneration Committee
• Executive Committee
• Compliance Committee
• Internal Audit Committee
• Risk Management Committee